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  • October 24, 2022
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    Leedon Green Main Project Details

    If you want to know about the latest Leedon Green Price then you must book an appointment with us so we can keep you updated with all latest price change on the project. You can read more about Leedon Green Developers on this Page.

    DeveloperYanlord Land Group & MCL
    PSFS$ 1,548 – S$ 3,242
    Competition Year2023
    No of Floors12
    Total Units638
    Project Details Leedon Green Condo

    Leedon Green Price Total 479 Transactions Summary

    1 room538 – 753 sqft124S$1,208,000 – S$1,943,000
    2 room614 – 958 sqft199S$1,400,000 – S$2,876,000
    3 room1356 – 1496 sqft144S$1,975,000 – S$4,600,000
    4 room1604 – 2680 sqft12S$3,813,900 – S$6,543,000
    These are recent Transactions as per the data collected from properties website but this can be could change.

    Leedon Green Prices are changing from time to time as the investment in the property is always the best choice so people do invest and wait for the right opportunity. We’ll add the latest price chart with average price so you can understand better with more clarity.

    You need to read the Leedon Green Price list so you can get the idea where you are going to live in the future. Nothing says luxury such as the pleasures of a privileged existence. The Grand Dining Room’s exclusivity raises home entertaining to a whole new level of refinement. Like a well-orchestrated symphony, every detail is on target.

    Leedon Green Price Set With Average Price & Published On Internet

    Leedon Green Price Updated
    Leedon Green Price

    From the main lobby to their own house, every step of each resident’s journey is methodically planned to achieve the most graceful flow, beginning with the Concierge’s friendly greeting. The Concierge is always available to help with day-to-day needs and is warm and welcoming. If you want to download the Leedon Green Price list then we’ve added the download button at the end you can download.

    Leedon Green Price Condo New Launch – in Tanglin / Holland

    The spatial living room is elegant and intimate, with an understated glamour that appeals to the inner cosmopolitan. Select residential units have exclusive private elevator access and are enhanced with natural ambient daylight. In this world if someone is asking for the professional advice for the investment then there is nothing better than property investment. People do invest in the property just to secure their future whether you are looking for investment purpose or living.

    Leedon Green Price List Current Units Available & Sold

    No. of RoomsUnit TypeSqmSqftStackStarting From
    1 BedroomA14447433$1,412,000
    A1a4447425, 42$1,405,000
    A1a-R5660325, 42$1,508,000
    1+StudyAS15053808, 16$1,592,000
    AS1-R6367816FULLY SOLD
    AS35458139FULLY SOLD
    2 BedroomB15761409FULLY SOLD
    B1-R7075309FULLY SOLD
    B1a5761401FULLY SOLD
    B26266740FULLY SOLD
    B2a6266737FULLY SOLD
    B36570010, 18$2,192,000
    B3-R7681810, 18$2,208,000
    B4a6570026, 41$1,982,000
    B4a-R7580726, 41$2,141,000
    B56671004, 05, 13, 21, 29, 47, 55$1,919,000
    B5-R7884013, 21, 29$2,163,000
    B5-P7277513, 21, 29, 55$2,055,000
    B5b6671012, 20$1,934,000
    B5b-R7884012, 20$2,163,000
    B5b-P7277512, 20FULLY SOLD
    B5c6671046, 54$2,008,000
    B5c-P6671054FULLY SOLD
    2+StudyBS17681823, 52FULLY SOLD
    BS1-R8692623FULLY SOLD
    BS1a7681814, 30$2,361,000
    BS1a-R8692614, 30$2,703,000
    3 BedroomC18995806, 45, 56FULLY SOLD
    C1-P9299056FULLY SOLD
    3 Bedroom PremiumC297104403, 22$3,106,000
    C2-R108116322FULLY SOLD
    C2-P100107622FULLY SOLD
    C2a97104407, 15FULLY SOLD
    C2a-R108116315FULLY SOLD
    C2a-P100107615FULLY SOLD
    3 Bedroom ExclusiveC3126135619, 44, 49FULLY SOLD
    C3-R149160419FULLY SOLD
    4 Bedroom ExclusiveD1139149602, 48, 53, 57$4,487,000
    D1a139149611FULLY SOLD
    D1a-R162174411FULLY SOLD
    Garden VillaE12412594#01-44FULLY SOLD
    E22262433#01-53FULLY SOLD
    E32242411#01-52FULLY SOLD
    E42492680#01-07FULLY SOLD
    E52232400#01-49FULLY SOLD
    Price can be different from time to time these prices are subject to change.

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    Kia & Catherine Real Estate

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    Get Leedon Green Price | Updated Price List April 23, 2024

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    Most Asked Questions & Answers For Leedon Green Showflat FAQ’s

    What Is Leedon Green Price On Launch Date?

    Expected CSC: 31 March 2027 As per the project details and official statement it will be launched in 2023 but they have right to change launch details, or any other information as per their rules. 

    Who Is Leedon Green Main Contractor?

    The Midas touch of Hongkong Land in elevating luxury living to unforgettable experiences will be extended to the new Leedon Green condominium in Singapore. MCL Land will renovate the previous Tulip Garden condominium into a timeless, luxury living area for discerning home purchasers in collaboration with Yanlord Land.

    Any Expected Date For Leedon Green Launch Date?

    It should be in Expected TOP: 31 March 2024 but company will announce asap whenever they are ready to inform people. 

    What’s The Leedon Green Progress Report?

    As per the official website there is no report on this but we’ll update this section as soon as we get the more information

    Who Is Leedon Green Developer Behind Leedon Green Project?

    A much-lauded property developer that enjoys a stellar reputation across 15 cities in China, Yanlord Land Group Limited is known for creating beautiful, quality homes that do not compromise on either luxury or functionality. 

    Is Leedon Green A Good Buy?

    If you ask us then Leedon Green is an great investment and also best time to buy as they are making fast progress. Leedon Green is situated in prime District 10, near the central precinct’s Good Class Bungalow cluster, Leedon Heights, and boasts seamless connectivity islandwide. The 638-unit development is expected to be completed in 2023. These details are enough to make decision for Leedon Green Question like Should We Buy Leedon Green Project Unit? Check the table above for the Leedon Green Price

    What Is The Leedon Green Price On Launch?

    Leedon Green price could be S$ 2,643S$ 2,814.21/sqft but this is only a guess from the online market so price could be different. Leedon Green Price are different and we can only guess when something is coming so we need to wait until the update from the company. Don’t be late to book an appointment for Leedon Green Price. 

    Leedon Green Developer & Architect?

    MCL Land company land and real estate Leedon Green Developer is Yanlord Group limited. If you talk about Architect DCA Architects Pte Ltd Singapore are the architect for the leedon green project

    What Is Leedon Green Propertyguru?

    PropertyGuru website is providing excellent information regarding the all projects and also every Singapore Real Estate agent can be listed there so its easy to know about specific project. But KiaCatherine are focusing on more projects related to singapore, one by one in depth details. 

    Any Leedon Green Review For The Project?

    This prestigious 3ha freehold estate will feature a mix of one- to four-bedroom types, as well as only five grand, double-storey Garden Villas. Selected three- and four-bedroom owners can also relish in the luxury of having a private lift.

    Latest Updated Leedon Green Transactions?

    1 room 124 S$1,208,000 – S$1,943,000 538 – 753 sqft 2 room 198 S$1,400,000 – S$2,876,000 614 – 958 sqft 3 room 144 S$1,975,000 – S$4,600,000 1356 – 1496 sqft 4 room 12 S$3,813,900 – S$6,543,000 1604 – 2680 sqft

    Where Is Leedon Green Showflat Location In Singapore?

    The Leedon Green showflat is directly in front of the construction site. If you’re taking public transit, you can get off at Farrer Road MRT Station (CC20) on the Circle line. The train station is about a 7-minute walk from leedon green showflat address.

     Land description: MK02 Lots 00937V, 00938P, 02337A, 02338K, 02646V, 02649A, 02650P & 02682T at Holland Road, Leedon Heights and Farrer Road • Expected Date of Vacant Possession: 31 March 2024 • Expected Date of Legal Completion: 31 March 2027

    As per the official website

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